Nothing says gossip quite like the pose lives of celebrities. From marriages to breakups to scandals, Hollywood and beyond has seen it all. Here we’ll be discussing everything that goes on in tinseltown and how it influences everyday life.

Social media plays a big part in everyday celebrity life now as it does for the outside world. However, the rich and famous have to deal with the same ‘keyboard warriors’ as regular people do. They are also no stranger to telling their haters and bullies to get off. While some celebrities just choose to ignore them, others have no problems calling people out when they need to. We’ll be covering all of it.

We will also cover other portions of celebrity life and some of the famous causes many support in the time of crisis. Our coverage is not limited to anything and we’ll do our best to keep all relevant information true and factual. We also DO NOT associate ourselves with any publication that makes up fictional stories about celebrities just to profit from the story. Please remember we are NOT a tabloid.

We cover everything from:

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We will NEVER make up ‘sources’ and we will NEVER make up stories based off the context of a photo. All we want to create a positive atmosphere for our readers about their favourite celebrities and not one that turns the world against them.

Elle Darby

Why Do Some Social Influencers Think They’re Entitled Because They Have A Following? A Fitness Influencer Got Roasted Hard For Wanting A Free Hotel Stay!

Social Media can be a real bitch when ‘good intentions’ come back to bite the person involved. Take the case of the influencer who wanted a free hotel stay and got roasted for it.


OMFG! Olivia Jade’s Return Vid Is Trending On YouTube!

In the weirdest twist of fate, Olivia Jade’s ‘hi again’, video is now trending on YouTube. We’ve tracked the videos views all day, and yes, that is kinda creepy, but we’re curious! Just give us a sec. Early today, we posted THIS post in relation to the YouTube star’s comeback in the wake of the […]

bold move

Olivia Jade Makes A Bold Move In Returning To YouTube

In a bold move, beauty YouTuber Olivia Jade has returned to YouTube in a small 2 minute video. While she cannot speak on what has occurred the last 9 months involving the College Admissions Scandal, she as said it was her choice to return to the platform. As of currently, the video has over 702k […]

Chris Wood

Chris Wood Proves He’s Just As Much A Superhero As Wife Melissa Benoist

He might’ve played a selfish prince on Supergirl, but Chris Wood is anything but! He’s recently showed up his support of wife Melissa Benoist after her revelation of being a survivor of domestic violence.


Supergirl Actress Melissa Benoist Makes Startling Revelation: “I Am A Survivor Of Domestic Violence.”

She might play a superheroine on television, but Melissa Benoist is a superhero off screen too as she’s recently opened up about being a survivor of domestic violence. #istandwithmelissa


Who Were Olivia Jade’s Sponsors Prior To The College Admissions Scandal?

The College Admissions Scandal broke the internet. However, it was YouTuber Olivia Jade’s mother, Lori Loughlin that became the face of the misconduct.


The Batman: Andy Serkis and Colin Farrell Being Eyed For Roles In Upcoming Film

They’re not the actors you would think off when it comes to Bruce Wayne’s butler and enemy, Penguin, but we’re willing to give these two gentlemen a go…


Tom Holland Goes Gangster In Instagram Tease Of New Film

Have no fear Spidey fans! Tom Holland isn’t going anywhere. Over the weekend, the actor famous for bring to life the MCU’s version of Spider-Man has broken his social media hiatus to tease his upcoming film, Cherry. Cherry based off a biography by Nicholas “Nico” Walker, an Army Medic who suffers PTSD and becomes a […]


Marvel Rumor: Jeremy Renner And His Future With Marvel Might Be Numbered After Allegations From His Ex-Wife Come To Light

It’s hard to imagine the MCU without the wise cracking, family-oriented and lovable Hawkeye. But rumors have started to surface that actor Jeremy Renner might be on the out after allegations of abuse came to light from his ex-wife.

Jennifer Lawrence

Hunger Games Star Jennifer Lawrence Marries Cooke Maroney

It’s official, folks! Hunger Games star, Jennifer Lawrence is off the market after she married Cooke Maroney over the weekend.

Abbie Chatfield

The Bachelor Australia’s Abbie Chatfield Is Still Garnering Publicity And She’s Offending People Big Time

Matt Agnew might be with fellow scientist Chelsie McLeod, but its runner up Abbie Chatfield who is still stirring the tea and not in a good way.

#SaveYoutube; Elle Darby

#SaveYoutube: A Letter From A Disgruntled Sister

Dear Youtube, You’d better be sitting down for this…

The Rock

The Rock Marries Longtime Partner

The Rock is a married man for the second time!


Miley and Liam Split After Less Than A Year Into Their Marriage

Their relationship has been on and off for years, but now Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth’s marriage is seemingly over…


Legendary Actor Rip Torn Dies Aged 88

The voice of Zeus in Disney’s Hercules Rip Torn has died at 88.


Avengers Endgame: Stop Bullying Lexi Rabe!

No kid should be bullied, let alone when they’re in a big time movie and they’re not allowed to take pictures with fans…


Disney Star Cameron Boyce Dies

It’s with a heavy heart that we report on the death of Cameron Boyce. RIP Cameron! 😭


When Social Climbers Gate Crash The Logies: Well, Freaking Done, Jessika, Martha, And Ines!

Nothing says the Logies quite like a good gatecrashing story. We blame MAFS stars Jessika and Ines.


Paris Really Is The City Of Love! Two Celebrity Couples Marry In France And You Won’t Believe Who!

They say Paris the City of Love and it really is! Two celebrity couples just got hitched there!

Kim Kardashian

Why We’ve Found A New Appreciation For Kim Kardashian West

She’s been in the news for all the WRONG reasons, but Kim Kardashian is proving she’s not as ditzy as she’s portrayed in the media. She wants to pursue a law career just like her father once did.

Olivia Jade; Sponsors

Can Olivia Jade’s Career Recover From The College Admissions Scandal?

She’s the YouTube star caught up in the College Admissions Scandal via her famous parents, but can Olivia Jade’s Career bounce back?


College Admissions Scandal: Social Media Influencer Olivia Jade Knew Parents Were Committing Crime

Olivia Jade knew about her mother and father committing fraud and did nothing to stop them…


YouTubers Speak Out About The College Cheating Scandal

The world has held itself together as America deals with the College Admissions Scandal. Now, YouTube Influencers are speaking out about Lori Loughlin and her daughter Olivia Jade’s role in the scandal to get her and her older sister into USC.


Idiot Parents Cheat Their Privileged Children’s Ways Into American Colleges

It’s the scandal that has Hollywood stars Lori Loughlin and Felicity in literal hot water. The actress were part of a scam to get their daughters into well-known colleges…