Coffee Spotlight: 7-Eleven, Wynyard (Carrington Street)

Today’s Coffee Spotlight is brought to you by the freshly-ground coffee from 7-Eleven. Please note, this post is not sponsored.

I didn’t think I would be getting coffee today due to buying lunch, but as I walking back towards the Startup Hub, I came across the local 7-Eleven on Carrington Street that was close by. Seeing as I didn’t have enough for coffee any place else, I decided to make the leap.

Now, please don’t judge me, but before today, I’d never been to a 7-Eleven store. When I approached the coffee stand thing, I had no freaking idea want to do, so I had to wing it, knowing I only had about 10 minutes before I had to get to the office.

The place was basically empty. Also, who can pass up a $1 for coffee that tastes like the stuff you buy anywhere else? I know I couldn’t. Because I was in a rush, I got a latte instead of a cappincino. I don’t think there was an option for it, not that it really bothered me. Next time, I’ll be sure to look at what their coffee options are.

I was relatively surprised that the latte tasted good. I thought the ads only talked the discounted coffee up while taking a dig at places that charge high prices, but they did the right thing. After all, they are a discount convenience store.

I’d almost forgotten what a latte tasted like as its been forever since I’ve had one. Anyhow, I was glad for the change in beverage. Also, it doesn’t play games with my gut which I’m super happy about!

Would I buy more coffee at 7-Eleven? I would try all their coffees if I could. I’m giving 7-Eleven’s latte ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ out of five! Be sure to click the notification bell to get more Project: Fangirl alerts!


C.J. Hawkings has written for the now-defunct Entertainment website, Movie Pilot and the still functioning WhatCulture and ScreenRant. She now writes for FanSided and is loving it!

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