Dancing with the Stars is returning to Australia in four years!

After its cancellation from Channel 7 in 2015, Dancing with the Stars series will return with a new home on Channel 10. Former Dancing with the Stars contestants and show biz royalty, Grant Denyer and Amanda Keller serve as hosts. Pull out those crystal balls, those latin dance heels, and those glittery costumes because they’re hitting all the stops to ensure the upcoming season is a total success! If there are two people who can pull off hosting duties, it’s Grant and Amanda and why not? They’re fun and at all serious! They also know what the dance floor is like. Two words: Totally brutal!

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Follow the official Dancing with the Stars Instagram page @dancingon10. Also, use the Dancing with the Stars Australia hashtag #DWTSau to follow the celebs on their dancing journey as the series progresses. When the show begins, be sure to SMS and call in to make sure your favorite celebrity remains in the competition. The more votes, the longer they stay in. You know the drill guys!

Be sure to show your support to the celebrities by following them on Social Media and giving them a shoutout. Also, follow Grant and Amanda on Instagram at @grantdenyer and @amandarosekeller. They might have some behind the scenes goodies as the show progresses. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

NOTE: The only Twitter account for Dancing with the Stars Australia is the former account for Channel 7. Though, this could change once publicity begins to kick into high gear.

Dancing with the Stars will debut on Channel 10 in early to mid 2019.

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Jimmy Rees

Jimmy Rees: Dancing With The Stars Contestant Withdraws From Competition

It’s the tragic news we didn’t expect to a guy like Jimmy Rees, but he’s pulled out of Dancing with the Stars as one of his twin sons is sick in hospital. We wish Jimmy and his family all the best and we’re praying with you for your son.


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[Credit: Over Sixty]

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