Fan Culture is an essential part of every fandom in the world. From K-Pop to every superhero in the comic book universe, fan culture is everywhere. However, it’s not all fun and sunshine. There’s more to being a fan than getting celebrities autographs.

There are conventions, forum discussions and the possibility of being trolled when your opinion isn’t valued. Here, we’ll be covering every aspect of Fan Culture. Though we have to warn you that some of the content will be confronting, but every piece of information will be truth and nothing else.

It’s normal for Fan Culture to experience a faux of changes both good and negative. Sometimes it’s a good thing, sometimes it’s not. Remember, there’s no such thing as a good or bad fandom. It’s about how pop culture works that makes fan culture what it is today.

No matter what fandoms you’re part of, there will be good and bad experiences no matter where you look. Some fans try to bring the franchise down because of one stupid decision. Others will take it for what it is but not like or dislike it.

Here at Project: Fangirl we have a saying: A true fan never complains and embraces any new content with open eyes.

Note: Project: Fangirl does not tolerate flaming of any fandom and will delete comments from below if arguments begin. We also have a one strike and you’re out policy. if you cannot behave, do not expect a warm response from us.

Halle Bailey; Ariel

Calm The F*** Down, People! Why People Can’t Accept The New Ariel

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No kid should be bullied, let alone when they’re in a big time movie and they’re not allowed to take pictures with fans…

Toxic Fans

Toxic Fan Culture And Society: It Needs To Stop

No matter where you look there’s always someone wanting to pull your favourite fandom down because of something they don’t like. This has become an issue and it needs to stop…