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Food and drink are something you can never get tired of talking about. From basic meals to the best iced tea in the business, we’re going to be bringing you our favorite dishes and drinks. However, there is no alcohol mentioned as we DO NOT promoting alcohol of any kind. Therefore, please don’t ask in the comments why there’s nothing on alcohol written.

We’re not drinkers and the only booze mentioned is mixed into foods we’ll talk about. That’s it. It’s our choice and we will not be forced into something we don’t want to be associated with.

Food is an escape for many people and we’re not afraid to try something new. We love exploring new foods and cannot wait to try what the world brings us. From time to time, we’ll post a list of our favorites so be on the lookout for those. In the meantime, we encourage you to check out the rest of the blog.

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Extract Espresso

Coffee Spotlight: Extract Espresso

Today’s Coffee Spotlight is Extract Espresso in Gregory Hills…

Michele's Patisserie

Coffee Spotlight: Michele’s Patisserie (Narellan Town Centre)

Did you know Michele’s Patisserie is more than just your average cake shop? Our Coffee Spotlight this time is here!

La Society Café

Coffee Spotlight: La Society Café

Narellan has a load of cafés that we haven’t tried yet. Since we just had a chest x-ray and are waiting on our doctor’s appointment, we thought we’d get coffee beforehand. We’ve walked past La Society Café million times, but have been there. This is in the Narellan Town Centre. We have to admit, the wait is a little long. However, we got the coffee and that’s what matters. It had pretty art. Since we ordered a medium, it was a little expensive. With Almond milk, it was $5 something. Cannot remember the cents. Anyway, the coffee was rich in texture and didn’t give us tum-tum issues! There also wasn’t a lot of chocolate which a shame because it’s not cappuccino without the dusting. As for the café itself, it’s a very sweet kiosk across from Coffee Gossip. Perfect rivalry, really. The colour scheme at La Society Café is yellow and white and gives its customers the choice of booths, soft chairs or hard wooden chairs to sit in. Not many cafés offer that. There’s not much we can say about La Society Café as there isn’t a lot going on other than customers coming and going. If we had to pick an issue with the place, it would the overpriced coffee. It reminds us of Starbucks in the city. We’d also recommend coming when the place is quiet like in the early morning. It gets busy at lunchtimes but it really depends on the day of the week too. We’re going to give La Society Café ⭐️⭐️⭐️ out of five. If the coffee was reasonably priced and the place was a little bigger, we would give it a higher score. Want more coffee spotlight coverage or more blog content overall? Be sure to subscribe and push the notification bell to be notified when new content is posted.

Max Brenner

Coffee Spotlight: Max Brenner (Narellan)

Want chocolate and coffee? Try Max Brenner in Narellan!

San Churro

Coffee Spotlight: San Churro (Macarthur Square)

Since we finished our first internship, we haven’t had time to go out for coffee solo. So today, we thought a trip to Macarthur Square’s San Churro would benefit us with all the work we need to catch up on. Onto the coffee, shall we? San Churro is located across from Event Cinemas. We’ve been here once before and haven’t been back. We thought the coffee was worth tasting. The way the cappuccino is done here is unique as they don’t use a dusting of chocolate. The place is a chocolateria so everything they do with their hot drinks is different to a regular café. Our chocolate was sliced up and placed on top and the coffee was sweet because of the chocolate. We’re really surprised by the taste. We’d definitely come back here. Oh, we nearly forgot! Every hot drink served gets a free choccie! Yep, we’re sold!  However, the only issue we had with the coffee was it was slightly cold when it came out. Perhaps it has something to do with the chocolate on top? Also, a small coffee is $4. A little costly but you have to expect that from a chocolateria. We really need to try Max Brenner next. Right, we need to stay on task! Given it was almost midday when we walked in, the place is really quiet and very orange. We love that the place has powerpoints on their wrap around seating for laptops and other devices.  So, what would we rate San Churro? We’d have to rate it a strong ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ out of five. The fifth star would’ve been for the hotness of the coffee if hadn’t been cold when it came to us. Next time, we’ll buy a cool San Churro mug to add to our coffee cup collection! We love it!


Coffee Spotlight: Regiment

It’s our last week of our ClassBento Internship and we had coffee from Regiment…


Coffee Spotlight: Radley’s Bistro and Bar (MET Centre)

Radley’s Bistro and Bar was today’s Coffee Spotlight focus!

Deli Ziosa

Coffee Spotlight: Deli Ziosa

You can’t walk two kilometres in Sydney without finding a coffee place. In today’s Coffee Spotlight, we venture into a secret food court in Martin Place to Deli Ziosa.

Salt and Pepper Chicken

Looking For Something A Little Different For Lunch? Try China Spice’s Salt and Pepper Chicken

If you loved my chat about honey chicken, you’ll love this one. It’s about Salt and Pepper chicken.


Coffee Spotlight: Panzerotti Bar

Ever wanted to a place that sells both coffee and cocktails at the same time? Try Panzerotti Bar!

Fix at 50

Coffee Spotlight: Fix at 50

Work in Wynyard? Check out Fix on 50. You love the coffee and the fact that they have happy hour in the afternoon!


Coffee Spotlight: Three Beans (MET Centre)

Looking for cheap coffee in Wynyard? Try Three Beans at the MET Centre.


Coffee Spotlight: 7-Eleven, Wynyard (Carrington Street)

Short on cash? Try the coffee at 7-Eleven. You won’t be disappointed!


Looking For Honey Chicken? Look No Further Than China Spice!

Looking for Honey Chicken for lunch? try it at China Spice in Sydney’s CBD!


Coffee Spotlight: Square Sandwiches

Ever wanted to go to the Australia Square Food Court? Go to Square Sandwiches if you want Campos Coffee!

June's Coffee & Toppers

Coffee Spotlight: June’s Coffee & Toppers

Looking for a small hidden coffee place? Try June’s Coffee & Toppers! Sydney’s CBD has a treasure trove of coffee hotspots. You just have to look for them. Today’s Coffee Spotlight comes in the form of June’s Coffee & Toppers, a small kiosk not far from Wynyard Station. Though, we hope you don’t mind a bit of a walk. While it’s not a full-fledged café, June’s has a few small tables placed out of the way and attached to the wall and perfect for two people. The coffee is reminiscent to Starbucks where it doesn’t give the consumer a huge buzz if you drink too much. The coffee itself was really good and was just right. Not too hot. Not too cold Also, it warmed up my hands as I couldn’t feel my fingers the second I walked out of the station. When I was there, the place was so busy as it was mid-morning when people were going to work. What was great about June’s was the friendly staff. The prices for coffee was so much cheaper than I would’ve thought. $3.50 for a small and $4 for a large with full cream milk? Yes, please! This beats the $5 I pay at Starbucks with Almond milk. I loved the cute setup it had though. It reminded me of those ice cream parlors you see in shows like Riverdale. I saved money and that’s what counts. I’m not sure how much different milk was. I couldn’t find anything on their menu with a price. That I think was the only flaw or real issue I had with my experience. Would I recommend June’s? I definitely would! However, other than the unknown extra milk price, I would want the kiosk to be a full café as its awkward standing on the sidewalk waiting for them to call you over for your order. I rate June’s Coffee & Toppers ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ out of five.


Coffee Spotlight: Starbucks, York Street

Coffee Spotlight is back with Starbucks Coffee! Does the famed Coffeehouse really live up to the hype?

Coffee Gossip

Coffee Spotlight: Coffee Gossip Narellan

It’s one of my favourite cafés in Narellan. It’s got great people and coffee… Read our first Coffee Spotlight!


4 Ways To Battle Caffeine Overload

Have you ever suffered caffeine overload from your fave coffee? I understand how you feel. It’s not pleasant.