Nothing says comic book heroes quite like Marvel. In this section of Project: Fangirl, we’ll be covering the female heroes and villains of Marvel with Super of the Week: Marvel. This section is the sister to the upcoming Super of the Week: DC Comics page.

We’ll be covering every aspect of the females within the Marvel universe from character breakdowns to mapping out their past lives. Beginning with Gwen Stacy, the characters will receive a deep analysis into their lives in the comics. The series won’t just cover the heroes. We’ll also be covering the female villains from time to time. We won’t be posting about Marvel characters every week. There will be an alternation between Marvel and DC characters from week to week.

Super of the Week: Marvel was started as the first half of a series to shine a light on female supers. The characters covered here are both familiar and forgotten characters within Marvel media. Project: Fangirl does not have any affiliation to Marvel in any way, shape, or form. This series exists as a fan blogging project only. We will honour and respect all characters, properties and fan opinions of everything covered.

Be sure to check to back to the blog each Tuesday for a new hero analysis.

Helena Bertinelli

Super of the Week: Helena Bertinelli

Continuing on with our coverage of the upcoming Birds of Prey film, we’re going to be covering the Helena Bertinelli version of Huntress.

Dinah Lance

Super of the Week: Dinah Lance

She’s the daughter of the OG Black Canary, but there’s so much to Dinah Lance than meets the eye. Get to know her before the release of The Birds of Prey movie. The daughter of the original Black Canary Dinah Drake, Dinah Lance is the frequent partner of Green Arrow and a metahuman in her …

Harley Quinn

Super of the Week: Harley Quinn

Is she an antihero? Is she a hero? Perhaps she’s a villain. We don’t really know when it comes to the unpredictability that is Harley Quinn. To celebrate the upcoming Birds of Prey movie, we dive into the mind of Joker’s on-off girlfriend.


MCU Retrospective 2019: The Characters Who Made Their Avengers Debuts In Avengers: Endgame

This year has been huge for Marvel. All three of their films have reached $1Billion at the box office. Let’s look back in retrospective fashion at the heroes who made their Avengers debuts in Avengers: Endgame.


Everything We Know About The Loki Disney+ Series

As Marvel moves into its fourth phrase, we’ve learned in recent months that Loki would get his own show. What exactly happens though if there was a female version of him? How much chaos would that cause?


Black Widow: Trailer Breakdown

In our last post, we included the recently released Black Widow trailer. Now, we’re here to break it down!


Black Widow First Trailer and New Poster Released And We’re In Awe!

Scarlett Johansson is back as Black Widow and we’re so excited! A trailer and new poster has dropped.


Marvel Rumour: Ironheart Is Joining The MCU In Her Own Limited Series

In the comics, she’s depicted as Tony Stark’s successor, becoming Ironheart. Now, it appears that Riri Williams will be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe…

Young Avengers

Marvel Theory: Who Could Play A Role In A Young Avengers Team Up?

For the past eleven years, Marvel has been dishing out great films about our favourite Marvel heroes. Well, fans want another group of heroes of have their own adventures.


Marvel Rumor: Jeremy Renner And His Future With Marvel Might Be Numbered After Allegations From His Ex-Wife Come To Light

It’s hard to imagine the MCU without the wise cracking, family-oriented and lovable Hawkeye. But rumors have started to surface that actor Jeremy Renner might be on the out after allegations of abuse came to light from his ex-wife.


Avengers Endgame: Why The Friendship Between Nebula And Tony Was Important

It’s the friendship we never thought we’d see, but how exactly was Tony Stark and Nebula’s friendship important in Avengers Endgame?


#SpidermanSaved: The MCU Welcomes Back Web-Slinging Superhero

After a very short time out of the MCU, Spider-Man is back and we’re going to break down what we know so far about the upcoming third film and how the Disney-Sony Deal happened…


Super Of The Week: Jean Grey

She’s the mutant who’s best known for her red hair and her relationship with Cyclops, however she’s been though a lot in her life. She’s died several times, lost the love of her life to her ‘clone’ and she’s flirted with danger while trying to avoid Wolverine’s advantages. Jean Grey is not your typical mutant badass. She has a dual personality and a powerful one at that. She’s a hero!


Super of the Week: Ramonda

She’s the matriarch of the royal family of Wakanda, but there’s so much more to to Queen Mother Ramonda than what you may think


Super of the Week: Gwen Stacy

Spider-Gwen, Spider-Gwen does whatever Spider-Gwen does. Can she swing from a web? Yes, she can, she’s a spider. Look out here’s Spider-Gwen.