If you love fashion, catfights, and around feuds, then you’ll love long-running soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful. Centering around the fashion empire of the Forrester family, the show features money and success.

The show isn’t just about the Forrester clan. It also includes the Spencer family from the publishing world, the Sharpes, the Barbers, the Avants and more. If you thought the fights on the original Dynasty were overrated, just wait until you see the catfights on Bold. Let’s not forget the original feud queens Stephanie Forrester and the original Sally Spectra. Oh, and the Eric-obsessed Sheila Carter. Who knows when she’ll strike next! Watch out, Quinn!

Rivalries, multiple marriages, divorces, and babies are nothing new to the show and neither are the love triangles. From Eric, Brooke, and Ridge to the most recent development in the Steffy, Liam, and Hope dilemma, the show has you covered. Why do we need Taylor Junior fighting Brooke Junior over Ridge 2.0? It’s a soap opera! Anything can happen.

The show isn’t shy to show controversy, as long as it doesn’t shy away from the importance of the story. So, grab your popcorn, and your glass of wine because you’re in for a half hour of twists, turns, and fashion.

We’re High On This Love…


The Bold And The Beautiful – Katie Asks Her Family To Forgive Flo

We love Katie but we love how forgiving she is and that’s exactly what happened with her niece, Flo.


Who Does Quinn Think She Is?! – A Bold And The Beautiful Opinion

Who does Quinn think she is? She’s always been jealous of Brooke’s position within the Forrester family as its matriarch.


The Bold And The Beautiful: Quinn And Shauna Need To Keep Their Mouths Shut!

To say Shauna Fulton and Quinn Forrester are schemers would be the understatement of the century.


The Bold and the Beautiful: Why Liam Is Forever Tied To Thomas

Liam doesn’t want to be forever tied to Thomas, but it’s more complicated than he thinks…

Steffy and Sally

The Bold and the Beautiful: Steffy and Sally have a Heart-to-Heart

Steffy and Sally were never besties. Seeing them get along after the history their families have established is actually pretty… amazing…

Zoe; Hope's Line; rival's plan

Zoe Plays Thomas For Everything He’s Worth

Hope is far from impressed that Steffy agrees to rehire Zoe, but little does she realise it’s all part of Liam and her rival’s plan to stop Thomas.

Hope's line

Bold And The Beautiful: Does Ridge Want Hope’s Line Discontinued Because It Reminds Him Of Brooke?

Thomas’s manipulations have driven Ridge and Brooke to divorce, but does his father want Hope’s line discontinued because it reminds him of her mother?

dead; survived; Hope's Line

Bold And The Beautiful: Did Thomas Survive Or Is He A Ghost?

We’ve been getting the question of whether Thomas survived his fall into the hydrofluoric acid, so we thought we’d answer it.


The Bold and the Beautiful: Is Thomas Really Dead?

Bold and the Beautiful had Thomas Forrester fall into a vat of hydrofluoric acid. But is he really dead?


The Bold And The Beautiful: Is Hope Going Too Far To Rescue Douglas?

Being a maternal figure to a motherless child is one thing, but is Hope going too far in wanting custody of Douglas?


Liam-Obsessed Much, Steffy? The Hypocritical Views Of The Forrester Heiress

Bold and the Beautiful has gone back to its old roots and have had Steffy and Hope back at each other’s throats. They’ve fought over Beth and they’re still fighting over Liam… sigh….


And It’s Baaack! Steffy and Hope At Each Other’s Throats Due To A Text Message

It was never going to last. The peace between Steffy and Hope disappeared as quickly as it appeared due to unresolved feelings and a text message…. Let the cat fights begin for the umpteenth time! Steffy wants Liam back even if she doesn’t say it out loud. When her ex took Beth to see her …

Antagonising; Shauna

Bold and the Beautiful: Should The Logans Still Be Antagonising Shauna And Flo?

In the eyes of the Logans, the Fultons are nothing but trouble. So how does antagonising them help?

Bill Spencer; Flo

Bill Steps Up For Hope

Bill Spencer is a lot of things but father to three sons and grandfather to two little girls is his main priority especially in the aftermath of the Beth secret.

Baby Beth

Baby Beth Is Not Your Child, Steffy! – A Bold And The Beautiful Opinion

The baby Beth storyline might be resolved but the aftermath is still happening and it’s getting messy really quick. Steffy has had to let go of the baby she has come to adore…

Steffy; rival's plan

Bold and the Beautiful: Steffy Is No Saint!

She’s the heiress of Forrester Creations, but Steffy is no Saint! Find out why!

Baby Beth

Families Reunited, Families Torn Apart – Baby Beth Secret Is Out!

The baby swap is now out in the open! However, the storyline is far from over as the secret keepers are in some serious trouble with the Forresters, Logans, and the Spencers.


Entering The Pyscho Zone: Thomas Forrester Is The Creepiest Villain In The Baby Swap Saga

He has the woman of his dreams, but the way Thomas Forrester has gone about snagging Hope has been creepy from the get go, especially since he was involved in keeping the truth about Baby Beth being swapped with a dead baby from his ‘beloved’ wife.


Bold And The Beautiful: Why Zoe Is The True Villain Of The Baby Swap Storyline

With the Baby Swap storyline reaching its peak, it’s time to deem Zoe as the true villain of the storyline! Her selfish reasons for protecting her father is the reason Hope isn’t aware her daughter is alive!


My Baby Swap Article Got Featured On Soap Dirt!

My Baby Swap article got used as a hyperlink by Soap Dirt!


Could Thomas Ruin Hope’s Chance At True Happiness On The Bold and The Beautiful?

Her life seems to go from bad to worst, so has Hope lost any chance of happiness thanks to Thomas?


We Do Not Spread Hate About Any Character On The Bold And The Beautiful!

I do not stand for bullying of any kind and that includes ridiculing a fictional character…


The Bold And The Beautiful: Taylor Begins Scheming Against Hope But Will Ridge Help Her?

She’s the meddling mother of three that wants to see Liam back with Steffy and raising their daughters, but will Taylor actually try to to break up Liam and Hope’s marriage so the Spencer son goes back to her precious daughter?

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The Bold and the Beautiful: Where’s The Compassion For A Grieving Mother During Baby Swap Saga?

Nothing says ungrateful better than a fan base that blasts a TV show? A fan base that blasts a storyline about a baby swap and a mother that grieves the loss of her thought-to-be deceased child.