The Conners

Move over Roseanne! Your family’s coming in hot! Behold the Roseanne spinoff, The Conners.

After the sudden death of Conner matriarch Roseanne, her family tries to move on without her. Her husband, Dan struggles with her while her sister, Jackie takes over as family matriarch.

Daughter-in-Law Geena returns from the war to help with the family. Meanwhile, youngest daughter Darlene moves on from her estranged husband and the father of her kids, David. Eldest daughter, Becky tries to worm her way out of helping with the family.

Despite the loss of Roseanne to opioids, her family does their best to keep together in their time of need. They, much like every other family, deal with their ups and down while dealing with the loss of their matriarch. While The Conners, carries on from the already existing storylines from Roseanne‘s 9th Season, there’s a sense of loss for the fans of the original show with Roseanne.Without Roseanne running the show, her family are funnier and freer to crack jokes about the late wife, mother, and grandmother and often ask what she would be telling them if she were alive.

The Conners airs on the ABC in America and Channel 10 in Australia.


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